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So, my girls (and a couple of our guys..but they don’t matter as much) and I went to the Kip Moore concert last night. Honestly? The most underrated country artist around. 

The best night.

I am pretty convinced at this point that all that you really need in life are good music and good friends.  I am surrounded by both. 

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Anonymous said: is sara single?

As far as I know she is! She has been dating Jeff Dye off and on for many many years but at the moment, I am pretty sure she’s single!

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Anonymous said: I guess this site is no longer updated

Sorry, anon. I had to take a second job to help pay for school this semester so I’ve been really busy, but I definitely plan on getting back to updating as soon as I have some free time. Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone! Hope you understand, but I will be back for sure! 

Self-portrait of Sara in bed…

Self-portrait of Sara in bed…

Sara with one of her all time favorite celebrities, Kevin James! How exciting for her! Does anyone know who Sara’s other all time favorite celebrity is (hint…he’s a country singer)?

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Hello, followers! Sorry for the bit of down time, things have been busy for me. I’m back, and so happy to see that I’ve hit and surpassed the 2,100 follower mark. So, I’ve been tossing around the idea of attempting to get in touch with Sara to see if she’d be willing to do an email type Q & A where you guys could submit me questions that I could pass along to her and then post here along with her answers. What do you think? Would that be something everyone would be interested in?

Sep 4, 2012 | I may or may not have had one too many on our pedicab brewery tour through Portland. by saraunderwood on

"I may or may not have had one too many on our pedicab brewery tour through Portland." - @saraunderwood

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